Sunday, October 08, 2006

CSI: Sherwood Forest

1. Saturday evening - The Rocky Horror Show at the Bristol Hippodrome. A jolly evening. The audience was a good 'un - lively, but not abusive, even after dry ice engulfed the first half-dozen rows - and it looked as though the director, or the preceding week's performances, or both had braced the cast for the audience responses. Some nice set-work too. Mind you, I wouldn't have said it was a three-standing-ovations performance - surprisingly tame in places where it ought not to be tame, and a wee bit flat in others. Still 'n' all, jolly, and I commend all the lead cast, particularly the men, for the ease and flair with which they danced in high heels.
(Edit: This was, however, the early evening ("matinee") performance - I've since been told the later show was much filthier. Still, I can now say I've seen a "12A" Rocky Horror, something I wouldn't have imagined existed.)

2. Saturday night/Sunday morning - With one of The Lovely Jo's friends (a fellow RHS-goer) staying overnight, we watched Neverwhere again in its entirety. Sad to think that I was denied the sight of this when it originally aired on TV.

3. Sunday evening - Robin Hood, the BBC3 repeat viewing. Or should I call it "CSI: Sherwood Forest", with its gritty juddering edits and jerky zooms? I imagine left-liberals everywhere, myself included, will point to hints of a liberal interpretation of the outlaw - veteran of an expensive war fought at the behest of a foreign political power (the Pope, in this case) returns home tired of bloodshed and campaigns against harsh wartime legislation imposed by the wicked Sheriff. So just to be ornery, I'll mention that Robin also demonstrates a rather Blairite consumerist philosophy when he's addressing a roomful of nobles: the best way to support our forces abroad is by lifting taxes so that the peasants of Nottingham can spend money at their Wednesday market, i.e. by propping up the consumer economy at home. C.f. Tony Blair telling us all that the best way to beat the terrorists is by going shopping.
Well, if that doesn't get me comments, nothing will.
A pretty good show, though. As the "difficult first episode" it shows great promise, the last ten minutes in particular. Good characters, good dialogue. Shame the Sheriff couldn't have levied a tithe on cosmetics, he'd've made a fortune from the well-lacquered dolly-peasants littering the countryside. I look forward to more stirring adventure capers next week.

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