Sunday, October 29, 2006

Hot Fuzz

Wooo-ooo-ooo-ooo-ooo! Fifteen video blogs, two trailers and San Diego Comic-Con interviews! Thank you, YouTube!

In other news this weekend:

1. Medieval re-enactment fair in Warwickshire. The wedding costume is now all sorted bar the shoes, which will cost £painful, but there it is. Also managed to find the German hard rock "Carmina Burana" on CD and some interesting new meads. What a weekend.

2. Robin Hood. Wow, that show just suddenly got better. Sledgehammer politics: tremendously low after the previous three weeks, I think I caught one "nanny state" reference (possibly the most annoying, repulsively knee-jerk political cliche going, "nanny state") but it's up for grabs what it means when the Sheriff says it. After all the overt Bush/Blair quoting, it's a blessed relief. Keith Allen suddenly seems more vicious, and despite the dodgy first few minutes the story was top-notch. I think I'm right in saying, though, that this is the only time Robin Hood has ever been seen fighting one-handed while carrying a doll.

3. Torchwood. I think we're all agreed round here that that was excellent. But next week's looks better!


Skeeter said...

Aaaaaaah the joys of Youtube convering the unconvertible for the joys of the masses...BTW the blogs etc came off the Hot Fuzz website on Working Title Films and they have several piccies and facts to know and tell, plus they have just started a mailing list entitled "Join the Fuzz".

Yay for Torchwood starting to really explore its potential!

John Toon said...

I feel all Fuzzy.

Yes, 'Torchwood' is properly up and running now. See, you've got to get past the set-up episode and the Sex Alien episode, 'Thomas the Tank Engine' was just the same.

So, reckon that time viewer thingy might turn up again? Elements that are obviously going to come into play later in the series: the Weevils, because they've been set up as a recurring background monster, and the big red wheel that floods the HQ, because otherwise the Radio Times surely wouldn't have bothered to point it out in their TW feature the week before last. I envisage somebody using the time viewer thingy and getting a premonition of mass Weevil invasion and flooding the base.

Skeeter said...

You can definitely see things getting a bit sticky and them saying "OK we need to use the time viewer thingy to see if things get stickier"(but using technobabble instead, as Jack says "A little technobabble is good for the soul".)

Or just deciding it would be fun to flood the base to get Jack out of that hole in the ground he lives in...

Actually I am hoping that they weave a few things back in. The glove would be fun to use on some members of the team (like Owen for example) but of course he would have to die first...shame!

John Toon said...

"Guh! What happened?"
"You're dead, Owen. We've used the gauntlet to bring you back."
"Oh, right. So what did you need to ask me?"
"Nothing really, we just wanted to spend the next two minutes punching you a bit."
"Oof! Ow! Oof!"

Skeeter said...

Yep, that's roughly what I was thinking about...;-)

Fabian said...

So whatcha wearing for the wedding, big man? And can I pur-leeze come as an elf riding a velociraptor a la Bernie Clifton?

John Toon said...

Fabers, I think you should come dressed as a velociraptor riding an elf a la frustrated dog. Tee hee.

Fabian said...

You jus' wrong, boy.