Thursday, February 22, 2007

The Move Continues... And Continues...

I love my Fiat Punto – it's the Little Car That Could. It transported the double bed (dismantled). It transported two chests of drawers (whole). It transported our six bookcases of various sizes, in various states of dismantlement. In fact, there's only one thing it hasn't been able to carry from our old flat to our new flat – the mattress. You just can't get a double mattress into a Punto. And so it is that we kip on the fold-out futon, hoping that tomorrow we will get the use of an office pool car big enough to shift the mattress across. We're in trouble if we don't.

Pretty much everything else has been taken care of now – there's just a final sort-through of odd bits, a cleaning session, and by next week we should be done with the old flat pending some new tenants moving in. Not much sign of movement from the estate agents there. By overlapping the rent and spreading the move out like this, we have, as planned, managed to move flat without taking the week off work or suspending our social life. All of this is good, but slightly offset by the cost of renting two flats at once. It's still probably less stressful than the previous method of trying to do everything in one day, though.

And so, in the name of having a social life while moving flat, we've seen Hot Fuzz, a film which was so excellent that I can't think of anything to say about it. Apart from it being excellent, of course.

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