Sunday, April 01, 2007

"Justice is swift."

What's that on the TV? Is it Brian May in a "Greek philosopher" style curly white wig and beard, pretending to be old? Yes it is - The Sky At Night are larking about, which reminds me of this week's media amusement. Sky At Night Magazine are celebrating the TV programme's 50th birthday in their own way, with two collectable covers. Wooooo! One of the covers has the words "50th Anniversary" in gold lettering on a plain black background, while the other - wait for it - has the words "50th Anniversary" in black lettering on a plain gold background. Quick, collect them before they're all snapped up by art-lovers.

But what of this week's brand new Who episode, Smith and Jones? Why, that'll do nicely. Best of the three season openers so far, I think. Much more busy than Rose; made a lot more sense than New Earth. Unusually, we saw some evidence of the Doctor "only taking the best" - he may have said it of Rose, but really she just got involved by chance and came through in the end. Most of his companions have just kind of stumbled into the TARDIS. Here there's actually some suggestion that Martha catches his eye by being smart, resourceful and not too easily fazed. We think she'll work out all right. Nice work on the Judoon as well. I tentatively give this one... 7.5 out of 10. Maybe an 8, but we'll see how the rest of the series pans out.

On a side note, two of The Lovely Jo's relatives have now appeared in crowd scenes in the new Who. Last year her cousin was in one of the many crowd scenes in the Rise of the Cybermen/Age of Steel two-parter (we can't figure out which one - she may well have her back to the camera). Now The Lovely Jo's cousin's husband has appeared, much more prominently, just behind the shoulder of Martha's sister in the scenes where people are staring at the big hole in the ground. We didn't even realise until it was pointed out to us.

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