Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Let's exchange the experience

The weekend was spent back in London again, this time in the company of The Lovely Jo. There we made our own wedding rings - yes, made them from scratch with our own hands. Well, made them from 18-carat gold with tiny blowtorches, mills, pliers, files and assorted buffing materials. Photos will eventually exist and may be added to the Book of Faces.

This, we feel, was more interesting and more personal than simply picking them out of a shop window, plus it meant we got to shape Jo's ring to the contours of the engagement ring. Although to be honest, our instructor did all the hard work there. So hearty thanks to Tom, who looks uncannily like Richard E Grant and will be played by him when the revolution is televised, or summat.

Hearty thanks also to Jo's uncle Simon, who was our extremely generous host for the weekend, and who celebrated Jo's birthday with us by taking us out for a show and a meal. The show in question proved to be Avenue Q, the filthy musical stage parody of Sesame Street. All good, um... dirty, um... non-family fun. The Bad Idea Bears, it has to be said, are the most adorable avatars of evil ever. "More drinks - more fun! Yaaaaay!"

Next weekend, in a shocking departure from the recent trend: no London!


Andy said...

You've been in London and not let me know? Still, we wouldn't have been able to meet up with you as Laura's parents were over the first weekend you were here and then we were on holiday with them in Norway. Let's hope we get a chance to meet up some time soon.

John Toon said...

Wouldn't have had much time to spare, I'm afraid. Still, at least you actually live in London. My mother asked why I hadn't diverted to see her, and she's a full hour's train ride plus manoeuvring time away in Sussex. The fifteen minutes I'd've had before having to turn around and leave again wouldn't exactly have justified the extra expense and hassle.