Sunday, March 30, 2008

The Lost Room
DVD rental. Excellent, excellent series. A lovely little six-part story about a cop who comes into possession of the key for a motel room in which reality broke down. His daughter vanishes into it, and as he tries to get her back he runs up against the various collectors, underground cabals and quasi-religious groups obsessed with the room and the now-magical everyday objects that were plundered from it after whatever happened in it, happened. (E.g. the comb that freezes time, the wristwatch that boils eggs, and so on.) Beautifully imagined, beautifully told, beautifully shot, just generally beautiful. New favourite TV series.

The end is nearly upon us, and we're excited. In a complete reversal of the first series situation, Chris Chibnall is now writing all the good episodes. This is of course a Good Thing. PJ Hammond's episode, on the other hand, felt strangely lacklustre. I think part of the problem is that he's still trying to mesh his ideas into someone else's series - somebody needs to give Hammond his own series so that he can do this stuff properly. I'm just not sure Torchwood is his natural milieu, though.

Matter, Iain M Banks.
Better edited than his previous, The Algebraist, (Matter does not, for example, open each section with damn near the same three paragraphs of infodump) but I think on balance I still prefer The Algebraist's story. Still a rollicking read. Puts paid to my fears after Dead Air that Banksy might have lost his mojo.

Un Lun Dun, China Mieville.
Currently reading. Ostensibly aimed at younger readers, but this being a Mieville it's still 500 pages long. The back cover blurb makes it sound a bit rubbish, but I heard many good things about it at Eastercon (of which, possibly more anon) so decided to give it a go. Extremely readable. Will doubtless have something to say about this within another week or so. (Edit: or maybe I won't. It was, in the final analysis, a good 'Un.)

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