Sunday, January 24, 2010

A quick final farewell to 2009. Above all else, this was the year we emigrated to New Zealand, and so far it all seems to be going well. Our stuff finally arrived last week, which helps. 2009 was also the year in which I came third in the Fan Artist category of the annual Nova Awards - Yeah! Third place! Woo-ha!

Keeping a full record of my reading over the year certainly has helped me to remember it all - best fiction read, probably The Kingdom Beyond the Waves by Stephen Hunt, best non-fiction How to Talk About Books You Haven't Read by Pierre Bayard. It's also something I plan to continue to do this year, mainly because it forces me to blog on a fairly regular basis. The only film I blogged about in 2009 was Watchmen, and the only other one I could immediately remember seeing was Coraline; Jo has also reminded me about Moon and District 9. We didn't go to the cinema all that much last year. Of those four, I think Moon might be the best film watched last year.

Just to round the year off, here's the Scottish Falsetto Sock Puppet Theatre's take on the big Doctor Who finale:

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Jon T said...

John, I never said well done to you on your move to NZ!

Congratulations mate, seriously, and all my best wishes go out to you. You and your lovely wife (who I have neither met or spoken to!) are well out now.

I think I'm stranded on this soggy isle for a few more years, but at least I have the not inconsiderable consolation of a lovely future wife to look forward to (this July!)