Saturday, April 19, 2014

Normal service will be resumed

It was tempting to leave it until a full year had elapsed since the last blog post, but darn it, I cracked.  Clearly the weekly requirements of the Doctor Who music blog did take their toll after all, and between that and a rotten slump in the job market post-Christmas, I haven't felt much inclined to come back on here and catch up.  But I will!

The broad plan at this point is to put together three big ol' posts to bring the motherblog back up to date.  Post #1 will cover the foregoing year's worth of Doctor Who, comprising the back half of Series 7, two Christmas episodes and the Grand Jubilee Celebrataganza (brief overview: I like it again now).  Post #2 will touch on other telly programmes and (possibly) fillums of note.  Post #3 will be the massive book round-up, although I haven't been keeping a detailed list of items read, so in fact this will just be anything I can remember and believe might be worth wittering about.

When?  Soon, real soon!

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