Saturday, December 23, 2006

Notable things I've done this year

Let's see now.

  • I've joined Longwell Green Orchestra's percussion section properly (i.e. I now pay membership fees).
  • Bought musical instruments of my very own - a glockenspiel, a melodica, a kazoo and, after a false start, a swannee whistle. Painted the glockenspiel case in colours more interesting than its original powder blue (or, as I prefer to think of it, "pimped my 'spiel").
  • Attended my first Eastercon, hooray!
  • Launched a fanzine. Launched a website to disseminate the fanzine.
  • Taken two management accountancy exams, shortly before realising this stuff wasn't meant for my brain after all.
  • Handed over my old job to a guy in India. Ended up with a very similar job in the same office, but in a different department.
  • Failed to get a job at SFX magazine (although I did surprisingly get an interview).
  • Come this close to getting onto TV, but the woman from BBC4's My Science Fiction Life programme never called back. After transmission next Friday, I get to find out whether or not this was in fact a mercy.
  • Whittled down my book collection further than ever before - it all fits into one flat now! Even together with The Lovely Jo's book collection!
  • Won a competition! This got me a DVD of Sir Henry at Rawlinson End from Bristol & Bath Venue magazine. I suspect I may have been the only entrant.

Christmas is upon us, so I very probably won't post again until January. To my reader(s), a very pleasant and relaxing festive holiday.

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