Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Red, Gold and Green

The colours of reggae, Boy George's dreams... and Christmas. The decorations have come out in force in our neighbourhood over the last couple of days, and many a house is now flashing away like the collectible objects in a Spectrum platform game. Our immediate neighbour's house looks uncannily like a screen shot of "Jet Set Willy". I'm getting '80s flashbacks here - I keep thinking that, if I just timed it right, I could jump up to their first floor and collect the unidentifiable flashing shape on their roof. That may just be cold virus delirium talking, though.

Makes a pleasant change not to see the usual illuminated tat until a mere fortnight before Christmas. Then again, I haven't been in the centre of town for a while, so will have missed the start of Woolworths' Advent in August.


Ben said...

Sorry, have lost your email in a computer move so in time honoured spammer fashion I attack the comments column instead. I came across your site (as you can see) via Paul Cornell's (which maybe you can or can't see; depends on your tracking software). Have added it to my list of Blogs to View. Am recording The New World Order for my partially sighted great aunt, which means I actually get to try and imitate Philip Madoc.

John Toon said...

Ben, good to hear from you again! Don't worry, you're not a spammer until you start inserting numbers into words to get the f1lthy 0nes past the filters.

And how is your Philip Madoc impression? Better than your Kate O'Mara impression, I can only imagine.

Anyway, if you've come across my blog (it's wipe-clean for your convenience, ho ho...), please follow the link from my blog to my website, "A Cry For Help", where you can find my email address as well as a wealth of... other stuff (some of it f1lthy - well, "Carry On" f1lthy, perhaps). It'd be nice to have a chat.