Monday, December 11, 2006

"All work and no play - that's what the poor do!"

It's a rare weekend when Robin Hood is better than Torchwood. Blimey. Hood may have had the absurdity of lycra-clad Saracen ninja women, but look on the bright side - it had more swordfighting than probably the entire series so far; it had an interesting storyline; it had more between Robin and the Sheriff than the usual playground taunting; it had Guy of Gisburne actually starting to win Marian over; and for the first few minutes it looked like it might even stray into Robin of Sherwood's old mystical territory.

Meanwhile Torchwood seemed to just rehash this year's Who episode Love & Monsters, but without the quirks that made L&M stick out (for better or for worse). It was L&M blanded down to grey. I notice they changed the title at the last minute (from Invisible Eugene to Random Shoes), possibly in a last-ditch effort to make it sound interesting. I was silently begging Peter Kay to turn up slavering in green latex at the end, just to liven it up a bit. Instead the corn and schmaltz dials were ramped up to eleven - and did anyone else get to the final scenes and think "Mary-Sue"? Fan fiction would leave this episode out for the wolves, I tells ya.


Skeeter said...

Have to support you on the Torchwood, big ol' pile of pants. couldn't decide if it was or not for a while - must show evidence of brain frying after DVD fest with you that afternoone

John Toon said...

Note to self: 'Sir Henry at Rawlinson End' destroys critical faculties. I can well believe this.

Well, we're agreed that "Random Shoes" was pap - I don't suppose "Love & Monsters" seems any less terrible by comparison? (I still stand by it as a fair-to-middling Who.)