Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Scary monsters (and super creeps)

Well, thank the low ratings that Demons is finished. We missed the middle of the series but tuned in for the final episode, just so that I could see how accurately I'd predicted its plot based solely on the first episode. Not too far off, as it turned out. Grief, but this really was a shabby series, though. Forty minutes of what I assume was supposed to be character interaction from the Scrappy Gang (as I like to call them), at the end of which that week's monster is burst like an only mildly quirky balloon. Pop, episode over, abandon plot.

Other thoughts. Weird that Philip Glenister should display not one but two dodgy American accents in the finale, and it appeared he was putting the second one on in an effort to deceive someone who'd never met him before and wouldn't know what he sounded like anyway. Also slightly regrettable was all the "thee-ing" - "smite thee" was bad enough, but when Glenister said he would "surely rend thee", my first thought was "...in the gobberwarts with my blurglecruncheon, see if I don't", and my second thought was that perhaps the accent had gone really wrong and he'd actually been trying for Yorkshireman all this time.

Heigh-ho. Pretty much everything else that needs to be said about Demons is summed up here:

Meanwhile we've had Being Human on BBC3, of all places. It's been the TV equivalent of one of those Star Trek episodes where everybody's evil twin turns up wearing a beard: BBC and ITV, both showing a series about monsters hiding among humans in the modern world, and one of them's simplistic, flat, formulaic shit and the other one's engaging, complex and witty. Being Human did have a bit of a mid-series lull where it seemed to be marking time, and Russell Tovey's acting has been a bit variable, but the penultimate episode was phenomenal, and I've heard good things about the final episode. Sadly won't get to actually see it until the Friday repeat, owing to the way BBC3 repeat it every other night at 1am, silly people.

Appropriately the news broke on the same day that Being Human would be brought back for a second series and Demons wouldn't, which just reinforces the idea that they're parallel universe twins.

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