Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Who watches the watchmen?

Who fires the firemen?

Who bins the binmen?

Who milks the milkmen?

Who walks the walkmen?

Who stays the stamen?

Who frenches the Frenchmen?

Who marks the marksmen?

Who airs the airmen?

Who heads the headsmen?

Who anchors the anchormen?

Who hies the hymen?

Who bonds the bondsmen?

Who moons the Moon-men?

Who cycles the cyclamen?

Who lays the laymen?

Who owes the omen?

Who sees the semen?

Well, Bill Clinton's dry cleaner, obviously. I'll get me coat...


Anonymous said...

Probably not Alan Moore by now...

But just think of the franchise possibilities.

- Ben II

Anonymous said...

Ohhhh I is jealous... Ben hasn't commented on my site.... However I loved the post. Particularly some of the imagery where language and visualisation clash(Spike who be proud!). However I have some hopes of the film (the review of which I gladly leave to you). The latest producer appears to be a fan (not always a good sign, I grant you), and something I read on the BBC website I think, but I am to lazy to give the link, said that when he received the project it was going to be an age 13 film and he could not see how that could be. Alan Moore had already disassociated himself.

John Toon said...

I think my personal favourite is "Who milks the milkmen?"

Review of Watchmen will follow, now that I've seen it. It's not all good news.